What are nicotine salt vape juices

The vape industry has accustomed us to continuous innovations and technological advances. Many steps have been taken since the first devices produced to date. Devices with more and more advanced functionalities or of reduced dimensions, but with more and more optimal performances. Research has also continued on the liquid side. Today we are talking about nicotine and the novelty introduced for some time that is now also gaining ground on the Italian market: nicotine in salts or Nic Salt best cbd vape juice.

It is necessary to start with some “technical” notion on the two types of nicotine available on the market, namely free-based nicotine and nicotine salts.

What are nicotine salts and what is free-based nicotine.

The nicotine that is the natural state in tobacco leaves has the chemical composition of a salt , which by nature is a weak base. It has a low PH and is poorly bioavailable, that is, not easily assimilated by our body (lungs, brain and nervous system). It also takes more energy to be able to vaporize it.

The nicotine that we are used to taking through cigarettes or the most common vape juices, is called a free base and is a discovery made in the 60s by a well-known cigarette manufacturer. Free-based nicotine undergoes a treatment that makes it stronger and more assimilable (it is de-protonated, with a consequent increase in PH). It also requires less energy to vaporize.

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Why choose a liquid with nicotine salts?

After the initial preamble you may be wondering why to use nicotine salts since they are less efficient than the free base?

In 2015 the PAX laboratories patented a method of treating nicotine in salts that make it more effective .

With the use of benzoic acid (or other acid agents) they managed to make the starting compound more stable, bioavailable and vaporizable at low temperatures (using less energy). The research was aimed at creating a product that could best meet the needs of users who needed an adequate supply of nicotine without the inconvenience of the free base: that is, the hardness in the throat. In fact, the free base nicotine manages to convey more nicotine to the body but due to the high PH value it is very strong in the throat. All vapers know that the greater the amount of nicotine in the liquid, the stronger the sensation perceived in the throat (hit or blow in the throat) will be. The blow in the throat could be so strong as to be unpleasant, thus leading the user to lower the level of nicotine and consume more liquid.