Who Can Hack Instagram Accounts? Why Do They Do It?  

Importance of ethical hacking and cybersecurity 

Ethical hacking and cyber security have been areas of great interest and research. This is because many people, especially youngsters, are looking to become independent in science and development. They are willing to take responsibility in unexpected situations, for example, when a social media account gets hacked or anything such. Hacking is a skill that can come into great use in government organizations, multinational companies, banking, and finance sectors, which deal with confidential information.

Instagram – An easier way to communicate and socialize 

Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms across the world. It is currently owned by the American billion-dollar social networking service company called Facebook. Its easy user interface and tools have attracted people of all age groups, including celebrities, sports clubs, governmental organizations, and many more. Instagram can also be used as a medium for marketing since it has a very wide reach. A lot of content can be shared on this social media platform, and their mobile application development has increased accessibility even more. Instagram also provides the option for users to send instant messages and share photos, videos, posts, etc.

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Hacking methods used to breach Instagram accounts 

Since Instagram stores a lot of private information of an individual, many hackers are waiting to breach accounts and gain access to this data and information. Here are a few ways in which another person can hack Instagram accounts.

  1. Phishing attacks are a series of friend requests or constant promotional messages that appear in your inbox, along with fancy and flashy links. The main aim of the hacker is to make the user click on the link, upon which the firewall breaks and the hacker gets access to your account and retrieves confidential data.
  2. Some people use the forgotten password link to hack your Instagram account. A forgotten password is a place where your security systems should be very high because you no longer have access to your account, and hence you are creating a new password for an existing account, which is quite dangerous. Many hackers wait for this opportunity to try hacking the accounts. It is not always successful, but this trick to hack Instagram accounts has been quite prevalent.

Stay safe, and stay cautious 

In a situation where you receive texts from unknown people, you must be doubly careful and alert and not give any chance for a mishap to happen. Getting your Instagram account hacked can be a dreadful situation, and hence be cautious and alert all the time.