Know Some of the Different Kinds of Pokemon Gym Badges from Various Regions

The Pokemon Company, which was founded by Game Freak, Nintendo, and Creatures, manages Pokemon. It’s a popular Japanese media franchise that’s talked about worldwide. It’s available in both game series and anime series, which enamored fans from all over the world. Because of that, Pokemon has become a household name. There are many Pokemon merchandises sold anywhere in the world, too. One example is a Pokemon Gym Badge, which represents your wins by beating other trainers. And it’s great to have a physical one as well. Now, what are some of the different Pokemon gym badges you can collect? Let’s find out here.

The Zephyr Badge

The Indigo League

The Indigo League is a league in the Kanto Region with eight badges you must obtain. Once you have all eight, you can challenge The Elite Four (in the game) or play in the League (in the Anime series). There’s the Boulder Badge, The Cascade Badge, The Thunder Badge, The Rainbow Badge, The Soul Badge, The Marsh Badge, The Volcano Badge, and The Earth Badge.

The Johto League

In the Johto Region, there’s the local league called Johto League. Like in the Kanto Region, you need eight badges to participate in the League or play against The Elite Four. These Pokemon badges from the Johto League are The Zephyr Badge, The Hive Badge, The Plain Badge, The Fog Badge, The Storm Badge, The Mineral Badge, The Glacier Badge, and The Rising Badge.

The Hoenn League

The Hoenn League is a league in the Hoenn Region. There are eight badges needed: The Stone Badge, The Knuckle Badge, The Dynamo Badge, The Heat Badge, The Balance Badge, The Feather Badge, The Mind Badge, and The Rain Badge.

The Sinnoh League

The Sinnoh League is the local league in Sinnoh. Like the previous regions, a total of eight badges must be obtained. However, in the Generation IV games, Some changes in how the badges operate were changed. It can no longer affect the stats of the Pokemons, the factor of obedience of the Pokemons, and the available items ar Poke Marts. The badges in Sinnoh are The Coal Badge, The Forest Badge, The Cobble Badge, The Fend Badge, The Relic Badge, The Mine Badge, The Icicle Badge, and The Beacon Badge.

The Storm Badge

The Unova League

In the Unova League, everything mentioned in the Sinnoh League also applies here. Plus, players can shine their badges and show them off in the union room. These badges are The Trio Badge, The Insect Badge, The Basic Badge, The Bolt Badge, The Quake Badge, The Jet Badge, The Freeze Badge, and The Legend Badge.

These are some of the badges from their respective regions and leagues. There’s also the Kalos League, The Galar League, and Pokemon Gym Badges obtained from spin-offs. Each of the badges has its own abilities, which is why collecting them is essential to become a successful Pokemon Master!