When you are relocating to a new city then often many of you may be tempted to drive your own car to a new destination to experience the adventure of long driving. This can be fine if the distance from the new location is within a range of 400 to 500 miles.

However, if it is beyond that then driving your own car will not only be expensive, but also a very risky option too. Nowadays, you can get car shipping service at quite an affordable price and your vehicle too will reach very safely.  Ship a Car, Inc is a leading car shipping service provider that is well connected with transporters of different locations within and outside the country.

When you discuss with such a company and a few others then you will come to know that during few seasons, when the rate of shipping a car can go high or low too. The best time for shipping your vehicle may not be the same when you are planning to relocate.

So, you must start doing your research, the moment you come to know that you must move your car soon. Although it is not necessary that you must immediately rush to choose your auto transport company, however, the faster you decide about the company who will safely transport your car will be better.

Let us now try to know about those months when there is a rush for transporting cars, and the months are a very dull time for shipping.


The month of January is usually the beginning of a new year when most of the drivers too are off, and roads are also covered with snow. Although very few cars are booked during this month, however, the car shipping companies continue with their bookings.

The cars booked towards Florida side will attract a very high price and also your car will reach quite late.

February and March

This is another slow period for vehicle shipping, as very few people move during these months. By the March-end things start getting a little better. Prices get cheaper while moving to the Florida side while the reverse for those who come from Florida.

April and May

During these months, shipping to Florida, Arizona, Texas, and Southern California gets cheaper and shipping from there becomes far expensive. So, if you want to move from Florida then you must wait.

June to August

This is usually a peak season as most people prefer to relocate during this time. Shipping prices are moderately high and also they do brisk business during this period. There is not much difference in which direction you want to move.

September to November

This is a good time if you want to ship your vehicle as the rush is less during these months. Therefore you will get faster delivery of your car at a much lower price. Things may slow down during Thanksgiving week.


Shipping continues during the early part of the month but as Christmas arrives the movement of transport restricts however shipping order keeps getting piled up.